Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a way of working on your body, giving it the self-sufficiency to move sustainably again; with a new ease, grace and comfort in all areas of life.

The Technique can help posture and address chronic pain and illness, as well as addressing anxiety and stress, breathing, and vocal issues, and for these reasons it is taught in many countries around the world.

During a session you get a whole new perspective on sitting, walking, lifting, bending, speaking and more. If you do yoga, play an instrument, work at a desk, sing, dance, act or play a sport, then learning the Alexander Technique can help you to perform better by evaluating and improving your habitual movements.

Each of us has our own unique way of walking, sitting and moving in everyday life, and this shifts through time with our changing moods and level of fatigue. Stress, overtension, harmful habits and injuries can disrupt the optimal coordination of our whole body in the longer-term. We need this coordination to function smoothly, and these disruptions introduce changes into our movement usually without us noticing, so that what once was easy and effortless becomes more difficult and even painful--and yet we still believe we feel "normal"!

The one-on-one Alexander Technique experience is non-invasive, educational and most people also find it very relaxing!

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