About mBIT Coaching

mBIT Coach Certification Training with Elizabeth Hartley

In this training you will learn a simple and gentle suite of techniques that are based in neuroscience.  These techniques allow you to facilitate others to become aligned in their decision making, be that for work or life. On completion of this course you will become a certified and licensed mBIT coach and a member of an International mBIT community.

What is mBIT Coaching?   ‘Multiple Brain Integration Technique’

mBIT Coaching is a suite of techniques for communicating with and integrating your intelligences. mBraining is the name given to the overall process of working with your multiple intelligences. It is a synthesis of the latest research in neurology and cognitive science, it expands upon NLP and is based in neuroscience.

Why go to an mBIT coach?

As your coach I will gently guide you through the mBraining process to integrate your inner wisdom and intelligences. An mBIT coach integrates coherence coaching, mindfulness, NLP and neuroscience. 

Coherence is a term used to describe a state of balance in the autonomic nervous system. The achievement of coherence is an optimal state of mind-body functioning. The outcome is that you feel more calm, in control, you can think more clearly and creatively because brain functioning is not inhibited by the stress response, and your immune system is not being impaired by elevated cortisol. 

Elizabeth uses the Inner Balance technology of Heart Math at the start of each session to monitor and provide real-time feedback and insights about the balance (or not!) in your autonomic nervous system. 

Further information can be found here - www.thecanterburycoachingcentre.com

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