Reiki is a unique system of energy healing. It is practised by transmitting spiritually guided life force, primarily through the hands.
Rei means Spirit, Universal Consciousness, the Hidden Source;
Ki means Life Energy, Life Force.
Put together, Reiki means Universal Life Energy or Spiritual Life Force.
It was in the early 1900's that a Japanese practitioner called Mikao Usui developed the "Usui System of Natural Healing", one of the most powerful yet gentle ways of healing with energy.
Today, the Usui Reiki method is one of the most comfortable ways to inner peace, balance and natural health.
What happens during a Reiki session?
A Reiki session is a real treat for everyone. During the treatment, you remain dressed and lie comfortably on a massage table with cushions, while the practitioner transmits the Reiki energy to you. Even though a Reiki treatment is commonly associated with the laying on of hands, actual touch is not necessarily required. The Reiki energy can be transmitted whilst the practitioner holds their hands within 1 to 5 inches above your body in your body's energy field (your aura).
What does a Reiki treatment feel like?
Reiki is a gentle and non-invasive yet powerful method of healing. Sometimes, a treatment can feel like bathing in light and warmth, leaving your mind and body re-energised. At other times, the gentle currents of energy moving through you may feel like the flow of cleansing and cooling water. Again at other times, the Reiki may feel like a subtle spiritual force that dissolves blockages in your body due to its higher vibration.
The Usui Reiki Method of Natural Healing is very safe and the benefits of a treatment can stay with you for a long time.
Some of the possible benefits of Reiki treatments:
* Stress relief.
* Deep relaxation.
* Improved sleep.
* Strengthening of the body's natural self-healing powers.
* A perceived increase in personal energy, vitality and confidence.
* The mind-body connection is experienced more tangibly.
* Comforting feelings of connectedness with the universal energy of life.
* Better emotional and energetic balance.
* Reiki supports one’s personal and spiritual growth.
* An experience of inner peace.
* Many people look years younger after a Reiki session.
Reiki promotes your well-being in the most natural way.

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