Family Constellations

 Family Constellations is a way of approaching specific issues in your life systemically. These might relate to your health, personal relationships, career, or creative situation.  We are all part of larger systems.  First and foremost our family of origin,  then we join further systems:  school, workplace and so on. There may be invisible/unconscious entanglements in these systems.  Constellations help clarify and order these systems for you, and allow more action and flow.

I have been facilitating Constellation workshops since my professional training in Family Systems Therapy in 2001.  My aim is to help the client to see the specific place s\he has  adapted to in the whole picture and how that may be stuck,  preventing action or healing.

 I am also a qualified psychotherapist and couple counsellor so I am available to do systemic work in the context of relationships,  and can help with problems in organizations.

Apart from facilitating groups, I also offer one-one sessions designed to introduce the concept of constellations to the client and initiate an exploration of systems the client is involved in.  Constellations can also be a component of ongoing counselling.   It canʼt be a substitute for group work, designed to be experiential,  as the power of the work is felt much more in a group context.  However, one-one can help as preparation, and many clients find it extremely useful in understanding certain aspects of their individual or couple therapy.

Currently workshops are held in London and Canterbury. It is a confidential group setting where people can either work on their own issue or act as a resource to others. 

Contact Karen for all details.   Karen's website is currently under re-construction but will be available later for more detail.  In the meantime please donʼt hesitate to contact Karen.

Her contact details are:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 07880714134

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