Sound Therapy

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Euphony Sound Therapy with Annalena Zoelle

Everything around us is vibration and works at a certain frequency.

A Gong Sound Bath gently creates resonance in our body. Its frequency reaches us on a cellular level, and the vibrations will stay in our body for several days, providing a detoxing effect and leaving us deeply relaxed. It is an ancient frequency healing technique that can be found in many different cultures all over the world. People suffering from sluggishness and fatigue, as well as stress and burnout benefit from this unique access to the path of well-being. Anxieties or depression can find stabilisation and a continuously chattering mind can be cleared and calmed. Even stuttering and tremors in Parkinson’s disease have found beneficial effects due to this healing technique.

If you wish to go on a healing journey, work on traumatic experiences or self-actualisation, sound therapy might just be the key. In a 1-o-1 treatment session, a sound bath can be tailored to the needs of the client. Blockages can be discovered, released and a healthy flow re-established. The instruments are chosen to suit you and the process you wish to entry. Whether you wish to work on specific symptoms, emotions or experiences the practitioner will provide and hold a space in which process can happen and offer guidance along the path. By doing this, we achieve the most satisfying result – self-healing.

radiographer  -  musician  -  soundtherapist

During her studies in radiography in 2009 at the Goethe University of Frankfurt in Germany, Annalena found her greatest interest in the field of neuroradiology and spent some time researching the influence of frequencies on brain waves. After a career break to raise her son she moved with him to England where she started as a musician and commenced to combine her love for music with her interest in neuroscience. As an outcome she began experimenting with Chinese gongs, Himalayan singing bowls as well as her voice and started documenting the influence of these on herself. With the rising attention towards the gong sound baths as relaxation method in the UK, the interest of others in her hobby increased rapidly and the Group Sound Bath as communal experience was born.

Soon Annalena found out that qualification in sound therapy for client treatment exists, and started her studies as one-on-one practitioner, which is the highest level diploma in sound therapy. She will finish her coursework this August and is looking for clients for case studies in gong, bowls and voice therapy.

Annalena holds regular Gong Baths at Concorde House Clinic, check our events section for more information.

07541 710387

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