In the early 1800’s Dr Samuel Hahnemann developed the theory and practice of homeopathy. (Its roots can be traced back to Hippocrates.) Working with the Law of similars ‘let like be cured with like’ he found that any substance that can make you ill can also be used as a cure. Anything that can produce symptoms of disease in a healthy person can also be used to cure similar symptoms in a sick person. When a homeopathic remedy is selected to match the patients own individual needs i.e. symptoms and reactions to a disease, it stimulates the body’s unique resources for healing.

Homeopaths identify energy imbalances, individual symptoms and then choose a remedy prescription for that person.

Homeopathy is a dynamic and ever-developing natural medicine. Remedies are made from plants, minerals, and those naturally occurring in our environment. It is a safe, non-toxic and non-addictive system of medicine.

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