Astrology is an ancient technique to understand ourselves through symbolism in the sky. There are many ways of practicing it but ultimately it is always an attempt to look at our life and context through a rich symbolic language that helps us put our situation in perspective.

It is hard to pinpoint when the astrology we practice today originated since some of its symbolism arose before the invention of writing, but the basic tenets of the tradition we have access to today were already firmly established in ancient Greece. However, its widespread popularity shows how relevant astrology still is today.

In an astrology consultation the astrologer looks at a chart representing the sky at the moment of birth of the querent and relates its symbolism with the querent’s life. At first the astrologer provides a general overview of the most important details in the chart and then, in dialogue with the querent, more specific insights and strategies are developed.

An astrology consultation is an opportunity to see our life through the lens of this ancient symbolism and to attempt to create a more nuanced understanding of the themes and events that permeate our lives.

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